Insulet’s Tubeless Insulin Pump Just Got Easier to Control


Manufactured in Billerica, MA, Insulet Corporation’s tubeless insulin pump devices are an evolution in the treatment of Type 1 diabetes. Their unique design is called “The Pod,” which is filled with insulin. You wear it directly on your body.

Within the Pod, there is a small and flexible cannula which automatically inserts when you initiate a push-button command.

Then the device communicates via a Bluetooth connection to your Personal Diabetes Manager app, which manages insulin delivery. It also offers a built-in blood glucose meter.

Now the next step forward in T1D management is about to begin. Using a dedicated Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you will be able to manage and administer insulin through the phone eventually.

Why This Design Is Such an Advantage

Although the system is FDA-approved already, the full commercial launch is expected sometime in early 2019. The first iteration of the app will be locked to a specific Samsung Galaxy given to patients.

Insulet envisions a time, however, when anyone diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes will be able to control their insulin pump through whatever smartphone they happen to own already.

There are, of course, concerns about personal safety with such a system. What happens if a patient loses their phone? Could hackers change dosing decisions involuntarily if they got into the app or the device?

Samsung’s Knox platform has helped to relieve many of those fears. With this combination of technological concepts, an idea first proposed in 2009 is finally seeing the light of day. There is a concrete path forward that will make diabetes management easier than arguably ever before with this option.

Once released, the Insulet and Samsung collaboration will be the first time that DIY diabetes technology will be a use-at-your-own-risk proposition. For those with T1D, 2019 will be an exciting year!

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