4 Best Blood Sugar Monitors for Diabetes Management


You must regularly test your blood glucose levels after your doctor has givenyou  a diabetes diagnosis. That means you must purchase a monitor that will help you track your blood sugar levels.

These are the best options which are currently available to help you do just that.

1. Care Touch Diabetes Testing Kit

This blood glucose meter will give you results in as little as five seconds. There’s no coding required for the product, and it stores up to 300 readings for you while maintaining a 14-day average for results. You’ll receive 100 test strips, 100 lancets, and a carrying case for the meter in this kit.

2. OneTouch Ultra2

If you need a simple, affordable way to track your blood sugar, then this monitoring system is a top choice. You can see the impact of food choices with before- and after-meal averages.

3. Contour BG Testing Kit

You’ll receive a complete starter kit for about the same price you’d spend on lunch today with this option. It features 50 lancets, 10 test strips, and the diabetes meter. Just place the strip into the meter and watch it turn on. Think of this option as a starter kit to become familiar with what your future care needs will be.

4. Dario All-in-One Smart Glucose Meter Kit

This kit gives you everything you’ll need to check your blood sugar in one simple device. Your cartridges, lancing device, and meter are all kept together in a kit that is about the size of a flash drive. It meets ISO standards while displaying results on your Android smartphone. Results are posted within 6 seconds.

Checking your BG levels can be easy when you own the best blood sugar monitors available today. Remember to speak with your doctor and your health insurance provider as the cost of this equipment may be a covered expense. 

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