9 Best Uses for Coconut Oil


There’s a reason why coconut oil has become a popular item these days. It offers a number of different health benefits which don’t require you to consume it. If you do eat it, however, you’ll find that its faint, almost fragile flavor creates a complement for many dishes.

Here are some of the best uses for coconut oil right now.

#1. Sunscreen

Coconut oil may block up to 20% of the UV rays found in sunshine when you’re spending time outside. Although that equates to an SPF 7 level of protection, that may be just the right amount for some people.

#2. Faster Cooking

Coconut oil is very high in saturated fat. That makes it a solid choice for frying foods at high temperatures. When consumed in moderation, the impact of coconut oil on your risks for heart disease are quite low.

#3. Healthy Teeth

Oil pulling with coconut oil for 10 minutes acts like a mouthwash with antiseptic properties. It may also reduce the inflammation that is associated with mild-to-moderate gum disease. Some people even report that oil pulling results in whiter teeth.

#4. Fantastic Mayo

Coconut oil is a great foundation for mayonnaise. It takes just 5 minutes to make your own at home too. Take 2 large eggs, making sure they are at room temperature. Then take 2 teaspoons of vinegar, though lemon juice is a good substitute. You’ll need 1 cup of coconut oil, then a pinch of sea salt. Combine the ingredients together, using a slow stream of oil, until you get the right consistency.

#5. Skin Moisturizer

Apply coconut oil to the severe dry patches you’ll find on your elbows and heel. It will help to repair cracks and smooth out your skin.

#6. HDL Improvements

Consuming coconut oil on a regular basis, in moderation, is linked to an increase in HDL cholesterol levels for some individuals. People with higher levels of visceral fat tend to see the biggest benefits in this area.

#7. Pain Relief

If you’ve been stung by a bee or bitten by a mosquito, coconut oil can help to take the itchiness and pain away. It may also reduce the swelling for some people as well.

#8. Healthy Hair

Applying coconut oil to your hair may reduce protein losses that occur when using shampoos and conditioners. Even damaged hair benefits from this application, thanks to the high levels of lauric acid that is found in coconut oil.

#9. Yeast Killer

Applying coconut oil to high-risk areas of the body where yeast infections may occur may help to reduce the number of infections that are experienced. It is just as effective as the antifungal medications that are often recommended or prescribed for an active yeast infection. It can also reduce the inflammation associated with such conditions.

Coconut oil is a versatile product which can be used to create several unique benefits. Look for it at your local grocery store or supermarket to begin experiencing these benefits personally. 

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